FlippingBook Publications and Catalogs

Your catalogs and publications with high commercial and professional impact

A FlippingBook Catalog or publication replaces the traditional printed media by adding interactivity and ease of immediate updating, offering innumerable benefits that can only be provided with this media.

Features of FlippingBook HTML5 publications

Professional Design

We design your Magazines, Catalogs, Portfolios, Books or any other publication in HTML5 publication in FlippingBook HTML5 format (page flipping) professionally and with state-of-the-art designs.

Direct links

Share your FlippingBook on social networks, email, whatsapp, etc. Links are easier to use to send than large PDF files.

SEO and Google Analytics Integration

We integrate SEO and Google Analitycs to your FlippingBook publications to receive data and track views and visitors after publishing.

Web Site Integration

Supply file for you to publish them on your own website and have an integral experience with your FlippingBook, having an effective advertising medium for your business.

Device Adaptability

FlippingBooks are adaptable to any mobile device whether PC, Tablet or Smartphone, guaranteeing the visualization and user experience.

Interactive Elements

The interactivity in our FlippingBooks has no restrictions and no affiliation to any plan, you have access to videos, links, audios and all interactive elements.

Why an interactive FlippingBook for your business?

Having the ability to include interactivity such as videos, audio and animations, is much more attractive and selling, since it is not limited as a printed media.

Virtual Business Publication takes into account the convenience of its customers. We design your FlippingBook with professional layouts or receive your PDF layouts, replace static PDFs with interactive digital formats and publish them in FlippingBook HTML5 format.

Explore our publication and see how interactive elements engage your audience.
Try it on different devices!

Examples of FlippingBook publications

Catalogs – Magazines – Portfolios – Books

we are professionals

Professional design of your flippingbook publication

1. Professional Graphic Content Design.

We design and elaborate the content of your document in a professional way, since we have the best graphic designers,
professionals in image management, experts in design software for magazines, books, catalogs, software for magazines, books, catalogs, logos and any publication, guaranteeing the best professional product that you require and with the advantage of updating the content at any time you require.

3. Publication

Once the publication is ready we will proceed to publish it via link which you can share via email, social media, on your website (we provide the file for you to post on your website), and desktop executable file for Mac and PC and recordable on electronic media. You can also download the interactive PDF if you prefer.

2. Perzonalization and interactivity

Your FlippingBook will have the feeling of 3D animation effect, we added full interactivity with videos, links, audios, table of contents, easy navigation, flippingbook handling instructions, etc.

The FlippingBook has only one price and includes one upgrade.

4. Google Analitycs

Your FlippingBook will be tracked through google analitycs keeping statistics with a full report of each page of your flipbook, including places and resources from
with a full report of each page of your flipbook, including the locations and resources from which it was accessed
where it was accessed and you can log directly into your analitycs account to check the tracking.

Note: If you have your own design send us the PDF, or Word and Powerpoint files and we will make your FlippingBook fully interactive and updatable, so send us back the updated file and we will make the changes immediately.

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